Missions Teams

Missions teams that visit for 5-14 days will have a fun-filled, power-packed schedule which could include a trip to the orphanage, power evangelism/treasure hunts throughout Buea, community home visits, hospital outreach, University outreach, and outreach in a neighboring village. You'll also spend time in the school and in the church, ministering to and being ministered to by our staff and students. You'll get to experience our explosive, glory-filled worship. Visiting teams may not always have the opportunity to teach in the school as we have a tight curriculum schedule. We usually schedule a city tour including a beautiful waterfall and praying at a high point overlooking the whole city. We also take a fun trip to the beach! 

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short-term opportunities

For individuals desiring to stay for a longer time, we will try to tailor your visit to your specific interests, gifts, and skill set. There are opportunities to serve in the school outreach department and can include hospital, University, and high school outreach. We are in the process of developing opportunities for long-term children's ministry with orphans and children at-risk. If skilled, you could serve in the School of Supernatural Ministry as a teacher, worship team leader/member, or inner healer. We also need pastoral help to continue growing the church fellowship. We are also building a business incubator to train aspiring entrepreneurs and could use business expertise. Contact us to find out about specific, short-term projects that are available.


long-term opportunities

People wanting to stay for a longer period of time may be interested in serving with the staff of BA Cameroon. We are in need of individuals gifted in:

  • Pastoring and mentoring
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach/power evangelism
  • Farming
  • Business/Sustainable Development
  • Children's Ministry

Contact us if you're interested in making a long-term commitment to serve at BA Cameroon.


come prepared

THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! It’s great fun to do ministry in “underdeveloped Africa” but it’s serious business. The conditions are, in some cases, very impoverished and feel hopeless. The spiritual climate is also very different than what most Westerners are used to and some have been affected simply by being in this spiritual atmosphere. Ministering here can be rewarding and fulfilling, but at the same time emotionally and spiritually draining.

Please also be aware that the conditions here are not cushy like America. Sometimes there’s no power or water, and the Internet can be painfully slow. You can’t always find a bathroom when you need one. Some people love the food while others eat out of their suitcase. Be prepared to overcome whatever difficulties you may encounter during your stay here.