We'd love to have you come visit! Here's some basic travel info to get you started.


Planes and visas


Airplane tickets to Cameroon range from $1000 to over $2000 depending on the season and where you're coming from. Air France, United and SN Brussels are the three main airlines flying to Cameroon from North America. You will book your flight to land in Douala. There will be a two-hour drive to Buea, depending on the traffic.

Everyone visiting Cameroon must have an entry visa. Apply for visas about a month before you plan to leave for Cameroon. You need to apply for the three-month visa even if you are only going to be in Cameroon a week or two. The three-month stay in Cameroon begins from the date you arrive, not the date the visa is issued.

For a visa application form, click on the following, Cameroon Embassy USA. Fees are now $141, but are subject to change. Only Money Orders are accepted by the Embassy. (If you are from another country, please email us so we can tell you where to obtain a visa from.) Make sure you put a return prepaid envelope in with your application to ensure a fast return of your passport and visa. 


health info

Yellow Fever

Everyone must have a Yellow Fever shot to enter Cameroon. Please contact your local health provider to find out where you can get this immunization. It usually costs from $60 to $100. You MUST travel with your yellow immunization card or you won't be allowed to enter the country.


Malaria is a serious disease so prevention is of primary importance.  If mosquitoes don’t bite you, you will not get malaria. Bring an insect repellent with a high percent of DEET and use it. You may decide to take malaria preventative medicine while in Cameroon.  We recommend that you consult a travel clinic or your local physician to find out what medicine is best for you.


Only yellow fever vaccine is required to enter Cameroon.  The following additional vaccines are optional: typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningitis, rabies.  Your regular immunizations, such as tetanus, polio should be up-to-date.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) maintains an excellent website with advice for travelers at: www.cdc.gov/travel/cafrica.html



For more info

If you have an upcoming visit planned to Bethel Atlanta-Cameroon, please request either our short-term, or long-term visitors guide for further information. We look forward to hosting you!