Here's some basic travel info to get you started.

Trips to Cameroon

Airplane tickets to Cameroon range from $1000 to over $2000 depending on the season and where you're coming from. You will book your flight to land in Douala (DLA). There will be a two-hour drive to Buea, depending on the traffic.
Everyone visiting Cameroon must apply for an entry visa about a month before you plan to leave for Cameroon. For a visa application form, click on the following, Cameroon Embassy USA. Fees are now $141, but are subject to change. (If you are from another country, please email us so we can tell you where to obtain a visa.)

health info


Everyone must have a Yellow Fever shot to enter Cameroon. Please contact your local health provider to find out where you can get this immunization. You MUST travel with your yellow immunization card or you won't be allowed to enter the country.The following additional vaccines are optional: typhoid, Hepatitis A&B, meningitis. Your polio and tetanus vaccinations should be up to date. For further info, visit the CDC website.


Malaria is a serious disease so prevention is of primary importance. Bring an insect repellent with a high percent of DEET and use it. You may decide to take malaria preventative medicine while in Cameroon.  We recommend that you consult a travel clinic or your local physician to find out what medicine is best for you.


THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! It’s great fun to do ministry in “underdeveloped Africa” but it’s serious business. The conditions are, in some cases, very impoverished and feel hopeless. The spiritual climate is also very different than what most Westerners are used to and some have been affected simply by being in this spiritual atmosphere. Ministering here can be rewarding and fulfilling, but at the same time emotionally and spiritually draining.

Please also be aware that the conditions here are not cushy like America. Sometimes there’s no power or water, and the Internet can be painfully slow. You can’t always find a bathroom when you need one. Some people love the food while others eat out of their suitcase. Be prepared to overcome whatever difficulties you may encounter during your stay here.

Trips to kenya

Airplane tickets to Kenya range from $700-$1800 depending on the time of year. You’ll book your flight to land in Nairobi. Visas for Kenya can be obtained at the airport, or online ahead of time at Malaria prophylaxis and vaccinations are not required. If you’re coming to Kenya from another African country, you will need proof of yellow fever.

For more info

If you have an upcoming visit planned to Cameroon or Kenya, please request either our short-term, or long-term visitors guide for further information. We look forward to hosting you!