Healed Wrist

After class on Monday I went to pray for my friend who had pains in his hand for 3 days. He couldn’t move his hand due to the pain. I started praying and after some time he could move his hand but the pain was still there, so I told him we will pray until he is fine.

So we continued praying and he said the pain has reduced. I kept praying again and releasing life to his hand until he told me the pain had totally gone. This was so amazing!

Mayoh Linda (1st Year Student 2016/2017)

Healing through a Text Message

On Monday the 14th of November, my friend texted me that she left from work early because her stomach was paining. I replied her text declaring that she is healed. She replied with an Amen.

 When I opened my store the following, she entered and amazingly she was from the market to buy things to go and cook. She was strong and with lot of energy. It was an awesome experience to release healing through text messaging. We praise Jesus!

Maxmillian Abi (1st Year Student 2016/2017)

Prophecy Confirmation

On December 3,2017, we went on a treasure hunt and I gave a prophetic word to a lady selling baby wear. I told her I saw her hands extended and holding a blessing of sorts.  She confirmed that on the Sunday before she had been expecting God to do something in a specific area of her life and when she left the service she felt as if her hands were heavy and she had received something. So what I told her was a confirmation of the blessing she received on Sunday. I’m thanking God for accurate prophecy and using me to confirm a blessing.

Hannah Eposi (1st Year student 2016/2017)

Safe Delivery

On February 14, one of my church brothers texted me to say his cousin had been in difficult labour for two days and the doctor said both mother and child could lose their lives if they didn’t immediately get to do a C-section. I texted back, decreeing a safe delivery without surgery and perfect health conditions for mother and child. Five minutes later, he texted me to say she had just put to bed safely. Praise God.

Boma Miranda (1st Year Student 2016/2017)

Inner Healing Conference

I have once visited Bethel Atlanta-Cameroon, and I couldn’t just miss the conference because I knew it will be packaged with many great things. I had a wonderful experience and I learnt so much about Inner Healing and forgiveness. I discovered that I had so much in my heart that I had to let go of. I think there is still so much more, so I will have to take a SOZO. I have had issues that I did not want anybody to come close or coming in to help, but I have realized that somebody needs to come in and give me a helping hand. I brought my sister along with me, and I will encourage others to come and be part of these awesome experiences.

The Healing Power of God

During our hospital outreach, we met this young lady who had not been able to walk for five months. We prayed and released the healing power of God upon her, and immediately, she stood up and walked.

We prayed for another lady who was suffering from Kidney failure and had been moving from one hospital to another. She got instantly healed and was discharged from the hospital few hours after our prayers. Amazingly, her husband who witnessed how the power of God healed his wife, immediately acknowledged the Lordship of Jesus Christ over his life and that of his entire family.

Miracle in the Village

When I travel to my village, I have been seeing a man for about four years who has been partially lame all this time.  I was visiting a friend of mine who lives in my village and is a Peace Corps worker.  We were just discussing our day when I looked outside and saw two men assisting the lame man down the street.  I then told my friend to go pray for the man and she said no and instead told me to go do it.  God put it on my heart to go pray for him so I did and she followed me.  The first and second time we prayed nothing happened. The third time we prayed he was able to move his lame arm.  He was then able to stand by himself but not walk.  We then prayed for him to be able to walk and he was then able to walk by himself.

New Student Transformation

I have never cared about being on time in my life. Whenever I had appointments, or meetings, I would start getting ready just at the time of the meeting. Ever since I became part of Bethel Atlanta School, this story has been different. I find myself arriving earlier than the start time, as is the culture of the school, and this is an added value to my life which has made me different.

I also happen to be one of those who did not socialize. I always liked to be alone, and spend most of my day in my room. I neither spent time with friends, nor found joy in socializing. However, I must testify that the lifestyle at Bethel Atlanta School has greatly blessed and transformed me in that aspect. I find myself being so happy and filled with joy in the midst of people, especially during the Friday Night Fellowship.

My life was greatly transformed by the teaching on “Understanding the Holy Spirit”. Returning home that night, I thought of the issue with my TV that requires me to always hit the side of it before it would turn on. With the understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in me, I felt an assurance in my heart that I could fix the problem. So, I laid my hands on my TV and made some declarations, and miraculously, the problem was fixed. Ever since that night, I don’t have to hit my TV again before I can watch it.

Fire Activation

During the teaching on “Understanding the Holy Spirit”, I literally felt fire all over my body and found it difficult to control myself. Fire activation occurred in me that night, and when we were prayed for to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the fire intensity increased. Aunty Sherri laid hands on my stomach and at that time I could not stand it any longer. I had been asking for more, but at this point, I cried and had to tell her that I did not need more any longer. This experience has been a turnaround for me. I just feel renewed in everything.

And the lame walk...

Shortly after this beauty queen graduated from BASSM-C, Bethel Vesuh joined the Supernatural Track of the Encounter - an 8-week intensive, immersion program designed to take her deeper in the things of God. On one of her first outreaches, she went to the home of an older woman, bedridden for years from a stroke. The woman had no use of her legs and one arm was paralyzed and numb. After ten minutes of prayer, the woman began shouting and moving her paralyzed arm. They continued to pray for her and she began screaming and moving both legs! They encouraged her that God would continue to heal her. The next time they went back, she was sitting in a chair in the living room. Her husband said she had walked there herself! She also regained her appetite and her family said she never stopped asking for food. Bethel, of course, now lives and breathes outreach and prays for healing on a regular basis. If you're walking with her in the market or on the road, anyone she sees with a limp or cane or bandage, she HAS to stop and pray for.

And the deaf heard...

Pastor Sako loves to go to remote villages to preach and release the Kingdom. On one trip, he prayed for two deaf, mute girls - one from birth and the other from a year old. After prayer, both girls heard!!! One spoke immediately, the second spoke the next morning. Immediately after receiving her healing, one girl's father walked up to her and said, "Your name is Sarah.* If you hear someone call that name, you answer. You hear?" She smiled and nodded. A few minutes later, someone softly called her name from far behind her. "Sarah, Sarah." Her face lit up with the biggest smile as she turned her head to answer. Can you imagine hearing someone call your name for the first time in your life? GOD IS AMAZING!!!!

*(not her actual name)